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Due to my advocacy as Council Member, Mayor Adams and his administration have prioritized the North Shore of Staten Island to finally realize a vibrant, functional, and accessible waterfront that reflects the needs of our community. This is the beginning of a real Master Plan for the North Shore of Staten Island.

Working together with my partners in government, civic organizations, and local stakeholders and advocates, City Hall is seeing our North Shore through the prism of countless years of mismanagement and missed opportunities and has committed to working with me to finally bring us a real renaissance.

I toured the waterfront with the Mayor and City agency commissioners to show them my vision for the Master Plan, and they have committed to partnering with me to get it done.

The Master Plan includes truly affordable and accessible housing, transportation and infrastructure upgrades, opportunities for small businesses, and an accessible waterfront that the rest of the City of New York enjoys.

We will realize what the North Shore community has been working towards for decades, and I will not stop until it becomes a reality.

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